Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Of South Korea (2012)

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Of South Korea (2012)

Song Hye Kyo gained Popularity through Television Dramas such as AUTUMN IN MY HEART OR ENDLESS LOVE And FULL HOUSE (2004) Reasons why Song Hye Kyo on the No.1 spot: 1.Because she Won in the Survey in China as the Most Beautiful Korean Female Star in the year of 2005 Until Now, Means she is Very Beautiful. 2.Song Hye Kyo has been considered Korea’s Most Beautiful Woman And One of the Most Popular Actresses. 3.Song Hye Kyo has been chosen by many korean male celebrities as the “Korean Goddess of Beauty”. 4.This are the Actors who Chooses Song Hye Kyo as their Ideal Girl – Lee Min Ho of Boys over flowers choose Song Hye Kyo as his Ideal Girl , Jang Geun Suk , Vanness Wu of meteor garden from taiwan, Donghae of super junior, Sungmin of super junior, Shindong of super junior, Hankyung of super junior , Young Saeng of SS501,Lee hong ki , Lee Soon-jae. 5.Song Hye Kyo Won TOP 18 in 100 Most Beautiful Faces 2010 in America in “US in Independent Film Critics”.She is the Only One Asian Representative in Korea. Song Hye Kyo is the first Korean actress to be ranked on this chart. She is the only one korean actress who was included which Means she is Very Beautiful,Song Hye Kyo overcame Hollywood beauties like “Transformers” Megan Fox (ranked 64th), “Fantastic 4″ Jessica Alba (ranked 53rd), etc. Since 1990, “Independent Critics” have been ranking every year, only criteria of choosing Famous and Beautiful Fces Only. 6.Song Hye-kyo Won TOP 22 in Top 100 Sexiest Woman in Smartasses
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25 Responses to "Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Of South Korea (2012)"

  1. ionescai says:

    SHIN MIN AH?!!! She’s really beautiful!!

  2. sofiavera pahac says:


  3. kun loly says:

    SONG HYE KYO xinh wa

  4. imaginator says:

    where is Sung Yuri? I think SungYuri is prettier than Han Ga In

  5. imaginator says:

    never thought han ga in was beautiful. Dunno why, looks too childish maybe

  6. PEEMPORN says:

    absolutely with kim tae hee no.1

  7. janice abragan says:

    kim tae hee .. the number 1 for me :)

  8. anakko18 says:

    song hye kyo is the best!! :) 

  9. kimwell miguel says:

    i think KIM TAE HEE is NUMBER 1 !! coz she is so very very beautiful !!!

  10. ilovelaerke says:

    yoon eun hye  ….

  11. whatthepeun says:

    Han Ji Min deserves a lot better place than that.

  12. allenkee130 says:


  13. lcedawg says:

    they all looked pretty average to me

  14. bhebesha says:

    Love It…and Song Hye Kyo deserves the # 1 spot, I think she’s really the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I’ve ever seen in my life..how I wish that was my face..hehehe

  15. janicearconado says:

    song hye kyo very beautiful…. no 1

  16. 92vitcon says:

    Song Hye Kyo very beautiful…..i love you SHK

  17. songhyekyo13 says:

    Song Hye Kyo always number 1 for me and for all!!!:)

  18. marziesurveys says:

    song hye kyo will always be #1!

  19. rolly97666 says:

    Agree Song Hye Kyo should be first, she’s unique <3

  20. winch2011 says:

    is that jessie of full hause??? the #1….

  21. xin abragan says:

    KIM TAE HEE’s the number 1 for me :) ..

  22. Anya2793 says:

    Park Shin Hye????

  23. JosetBastidas says:

    Song Hye Kyo is beautiful!!

  24. docathlete says:

    Can you tell me the songs title please..

  25. SmartassesNet says:

    Gotta love South Korea. ;)